cKinetics is a specialized Sustainability Advisory firm that provides end-to-end solutions for investors and businesses.

As emerging economies grow there exists an opportunity to leapfrog the development of newer industry and community infrastructure to be more efficient, sustainable and hence more profitable.

cKinetics leverages a thought process for accelerating actions on sustainable practices that include: (a) Closed loop systems, (b) Decentralized production and consumption, and (c) Resource conservation.

cKinetics comprises a multi-disciplinary team that is passionate about using market driven solutions and industry dynamics to address the most pressing issue of our time: sustainably driven growth and development.


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UNGC Communication of Progress Released
cKinetics releases its Sustainability Action Report and Communication of Progress (CoP) to the UN Global Compact. 

Landscape Report on Financing DRE Minigrids
cKinetics report provides a perspective on opportunities, gaps and directions for financing in the emerging sector of Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) Minigrids. 

2014 Summit of Sustainable Business Leadership Forum 
October 15-16, New Delhi
cKinetics will be sponsoring and supporting the 2014 convennig of Sustainability leaders in India at the SBLF Summit. Expect to get exclusive insights on resource management, ESG benchmarking tool for investors, pathways for sustainable freight, water as a business risk, new age urban cities and more.

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