Mission and Operating Principles

Our Vision is to accelerate the creation and maintenance of systems which shape a balance between current and future resource needs.

Our Mission is to develop market driven solutions to promote the rapid adoption of sustainable growth strategies in emerging market industries and communities.

We believe we are in the midst of a repricing (right-pricing) of natural resources. New models where growth and resource consumption are decoupled will shape the competitive environment of the future.

Operating Principles

cKinetics is founded on the following philosophy which the team imbibes in its day to day operations.

  • Do: action counts louder than words.
  • Be frugal: Natural resources are scare and limited. We need to be frugal with them just as we would with anything we own.
  • Set an example: Being an example and adopting low-resource-footprint is the best way to be the change as also to understand the challenges first-hand. cKinetics will be a carbon-neutral company constantly pushing towards zero-carbon. By setting an example for our children we can enable the generations to come.
  • Be alert to opportunities: Air, water and land are considered ‘free’ (or close to ‘free’) in many more ways than we can imagine. We need to alert ourselves to such cases and identify opportunities to bring about change.
  • Be wise on technology: Technology is our biggest ally in increasing efficiency and driving conservation. Technology is also our biggest enemy when it lets consumption go out of control.
  • Leverage market driven solutions: Market systems have a significant untapped potential to created positive impact. cKinetics will expend its energies on being creative in coming up with products and services that align with incentives of other players to spur positive impact. Creating market solutions also means creating bridges across continents and removing information gaps.
  • Be factual: If it can’t be measured, it is probably not worth doing. Data will form the pillar for cKinetics. All internal initiatives should be measurable and decisions made on data from them. Chances are that others will also want to make data-driven decisions especially in market-driven-scenarios. cKinetics should become their go-to resource.
  • Set imagination free: We are limited on what is possible by our own minds. Dare to think beyond the conventional and make it happen.