cKinetics Accelerator seeks to invest-in and support new cutting-edge Sustainability focused ventures that are shaping the future of resource conservation.


The criteria for engagement with an idea or a venture are mainly on the following parameters:

1. Must be market-driven i.e. have an ability to make an impact in the mainstream
2. Leverages technology to be able to scale

Some representative areas of interest include:

  • Sustainability Analytics and IoT applications
  • Energy management solutions, Demand response management (between energy consumer and distributor)
  • Eco-tourism
  • Alternative transportation (car sharing, fuels, etc.)
  • Green construction materials and products
  • Off-grid electrification
  • ESCOs for SMEs
  • Process change solutions driven by green chemistry or bio-mimicry

Engagement models

cKinetics Accelerator engages in the following ways:

    • Investments: cKinetics Accelerator only invests in early-stage ideas and ventures providing strategic capital usually when the venture is young and the firm is still addressing many aspects of risk.
    • In-situ incubation support: Should an entrepreneur or a venture be located in Delhi, cKinetics Accelerator can provide space and facilities for operating.
    • Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR): Are you contemplating a start-up in the Sustainability domain? Are you looking for market validation and strategic inputs? We share our insights with EIRs, work collaboratively to refine the ideas and also can provide initial seed funding. EIRs necessarily need to operate out of our Delhi center for us to engage and support effectively.


cKinetics Accelerator invests in ventures and ideas emerging from platforms such as the Unreasonable Institute, CIIE-INFUSE at IIM Ahmedabad and others.

In case you are not working with a platform partner and wish to engage directly, please send us an email that contains your background along and a non-confidential concept note. The email may be sent to